Friday, July 9, 2010

Contact Lens + Deco Parts Seller + Scored 2 jobs!!

hey everyone!

from my last post about my contacts, i will link you girls to the Facebook store based in Australia where i purchased them from! it is called Hoshimi Lens run by 2 girls, Michelle and Catherine:)

in my opinion, it is easy for me since they are in Sydney! the girls also provide great deals from time to time :)
if you live outside of Sydney, they can do international postage, BUT if you live in Sydney, you can pay $3 for a face trade which i REALLY recommend!

Add and check out the girl's store!
Hoshimi Lens:

remember when i mentioned i have deco-ed my mirror???
finally going to post pictures up of my work :)
it took me around 4-5hrs to complete! (the small 2mm pearls that border the mirror took me so long!)

since deco parts in Australia are rare and expensive, i purchased all my parts online from Yuki! :) this is her site please check it out!
she sells so many beautiful parts and accessories and also Japanese magazines!
Yuki's store:

these are the some of the parts i have used on my mirror and bought from her! i have purchased 3 times from her, shipping is fast and the parts are in perfect condition! :)

here is a small step by step guide to how i deco-ed my mirror!

1. I bought this Hello Kitty mirror from San Francisco's Sanrio store years ago! XD you can tell since it's scratching away haha

2. Started off with painting the mirror with magic polish! this is great for easy peeling off if you want to change the deco parts! then i started decorating the border!

3. Started decorating! usually people add in the big parts first but i just started from the corner and worked my way up LOL

4. After finishing, i found the mirror lacking i used light blue 2mm pearls and decorated the thin border! if you can see it hehe

proving it to you that it's actually mine :P i had so much superglue on my fingers!!

i look angry when i took was because i was in a sad/angry mood lol

and yes! i am REALLY happy! i have scored 2 jobs in Retail! YAY :)
one is at a men's fashion store, Tarocash:
and the other is in women's fashion store, Supré:

hehe both jobs are casual and im part of the team doing sales etc :)

that's all for now hehe
my next post should be sometime next week hopefully!



  1. The mirror is so cute! I like the roses best :) Are they hard or soft? (I mean like...made out of plastic/clay, or fabric? LOL)

    You're brave to be a salesperson, esp in 2 jobs. I would feel...awkward trying to get ppl to buy stuff xD

  2. ohh yes! the roses are all hard, made out of clay :)

  3. You did really good on ur deco!!...Thanks for sharing your sellers aswell ^_^

  4. the deco is so cutee! and what a great way to recycle an old mirror to save the environment as well! : )

  5. great idea with decorating your scratched mirror :) and congrats on getting the jobs!

  6. Woww, the mirror looks great! Good work!
    :) and congratulations on getting your two new jobs.

  7. Wow the mirror is so cool and cute!
    Hey, do you really live in australia, are you really chinese and can you really speak cantonese? because my family is the same, all my family live in australia. i'm chinese and my family speaks cantonese. But i live in france, so i speak french too ;) ! So great we are a little bit similar lol xDD

  8. You Have Won An Award :-}

  9. Very Cute! I've recently deco-ed my USB flash drive but it's not as well deco-ed as your mirror. Haha! :D

  10. Hello Kitty!
    Aww the mirror is so cute now! You're really creative? Are you Japanese?

    Visit my blog!

  11. I'm really interested in deco~ You did a great job! I love your blog, your first pic is just too cute >.<!!!!

  12. 獨居時,要反省自己的過錯;在社會大眾之間,則要忘卻別人的過失。..................................................

  13. wow, I loved deco!
    And you are so pretty!


    Pink Kisses♥

  14. you eyes are so fake, cant stand these contacts,not attractive at all, you'd better off without them