Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sniffles, Anyone?

it's been a while since my last blog!!!!

its so cold these days, so many people are getting sick!
i got sick from monday when i drank water from a friend who was sick...
now i can't stop blowing my nose! it's very annoying =="

i am getting my treadmill back soon! yey! :D
last few months ago my mum wouldnt let me get it back, but a few days ago she decided to! i cant wait to exercise :D
i also decided from tonight, that i will cut down junk food and eat fruit once a day, and no eating after 9pm!
now i gotta resist temptation to eat chocolate...sweets, and fried foods...
just the thought of it makes me wanna break my goal! >____<"

i have been addicted to Pokemon Platinum on DS these days! even though i played the very first pokemon blue/red, to gold/platinum, fire red/green, i am never bored of pokemon! :D and now i hear there is going to be pokemon gold heart and silver soul! of course being released in Japan first!

talking about Japan and technology, i am annoyed at how Australia is lagging behind with new technology! i see Japanese mobile phones online and they are so slim and mega cool, its a shame Australia doesn't stock them! D: i have been waiting for a cool slide phone with full keyboard for months and so far i like the LGks360 and this LG one, but none of them beats the ones in Japan! *sigh