Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gotta LOVE Nintendo DS!

i started playing this game on my DS called 'My Japanese Coach' which does what the title says, teach Japanese :P
i am totally loving it so far, and have expanded my knowledge of Japanese with it ^___^

which reminded me, i think i should trade in my Original DS (yes, the fat silver one T__T) for a DS Lite or DSi, though i found out the DSi does not support GBA games @___@"
what should i choose, hmm?
all i know is that i want a white or pink coloured one, and then ill pimp it up, Hime style :D

while playing the game, i learnt that, maybe the alcoholic drink, Midori is called Midori, because in Japanese, Midori means green :P
and what a coincidence, that the drink Midori happens to be GREEN hahahaha

i really feel like Baileys and some Midori... XD


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