Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why So Cold?

today we had an event, the athletics carnival.

i didn't end up doing long jump and shot put as i got really lazy and i was too cold to bother moving around too much...
overall it was very fun, played truth or dare with my friends and we learnt many secret things about each other...LOL

my friend told me she found a blog, where the blogger looks like me. okay, i say we have SOME resemblance, but i wouldn't say we look the same, though i had a look at her blog and wow i love it, how she is a fashion student, into Japanese culture, make-up and hair, wow sure does sound like what i am into haha

here is the link to her blog: (she has awesome tutorial hair and make up vids on youtube!)

it's so cold today!
my fingers are numb for the first time, guess i should be getting used to it in these coming months =="

i posted up a little media player, it is currntly playing my repeated-loved song right now, Kana Nishino - Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara <3


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