Friday, June 5, 2009

A Long, Hard Thought.

i find it interesting,
how things can change so easily, in just one decision/move you make...

it makes me wonder,
what if i did this, did that, how would it turn out in the end?

its so hard, how you can't tell who is fake to you or not,
which makes it hard to put your trust in someone.

in the end, its you who is the only one who cares, because no one else does, its all about them, its all about you. its all about me.

no one can really understand how you really feel or go through, day and night.
then why do we have the need to seek for someone to 'care' and 'love' you? or to even make yourself believe someone out there, really does?

oh, how we all rely on care and love to mostly survive, to feel that it exists in your life, your heart, to give you the will to fight for your living life, a reason to live.

it is so easy to describe life like a roller coaster.
we go through high ups, and low downs, and if we can't take the ride any longer, we jump off, no longer wanting to ride the roller coaster ever, again.

im done.


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