Friday, May 15, 2009

14th Night

got a friend's birthday dinner tomorrow :D

i can't wait till i move houses next month! i will be getting back my treadmill then, from my dad, and that means i can exercise :D

* Again and Again - Leah Dizon
Someday we'll run away, so far away, love,
Until this weight just dissipates
You said, but
The pain grows deeper and the distance wider
It's getting harder
But my love grows stronger

I can't help but fall again and again

When all I have is a tired smile to give
Should I set you free or remain a burden?
The loneliness,
My love I cannot protect
nee how much longer
Can I pretend I'm stronger?

But despite it all I fall and I fall..."

mum is coming home tonight from her trip to Fiji lol


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