Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5th Night

feeling shitty right now to even bother writing much.

* Next Level - Ayumi Hamasaki
"To the next stage, which begins to move,
we continue to walk together.

This only road never ends,
we continue to illuminate it.

How will we take
this fresh start that,
once again, presents itself here?

While looking at the sky, my face was lit by a gentle smile
I heard "Don't be afraid, everything is fine"
While looking at the sky, a small tear flowed.
Even the scars left by the past seem sweet today.

The sign tells us that a vibrant future, makes our looks meet each other.

Our hearts are beating so strong,
What will they choose and represent?
What is the map that will take shape?

If you feel the wind, grip our hands strongly
Because we don't need many words to understand each other.
If you feel the wind, begin to walk with conviction and with the same speed we will see the same landscape "

*translated from Japanese*


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