Monday, May 18, 2009

17th Night

yay my Leah Dizon - Communication!!! CD arrived today

* Nothin' To Lose - Leah Dizon
"If love is a gamble, he's a high roller
The King of Hearts
If I were to lose his love,
Back to square one
Then how would I go on?
Because every moment of everyday
I fall more in love
Cause when you got nothin'
You got nothin' to lose

I got a feeling in my heart
Lady luck's on my side tonight
But this ain't a game no more
No chips, no dice, no cards
This is my life
Should I fold before stakes get high?
Before I get hurt again
Or take a chance on love to last all time
Whether or not I lose or win
I'm goin' all in..."

yey school photos this weds :D


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